SATURDAY, JUNE 6th, 2020

[0241] "nostalgia" was one of the best words i've ever learned. not much compares to the epiphany of the word's existence when i was 11? 12? years old. realising this feeling that i loved so much and that i went on for years thinking it's "just a me thing" is not in fact just a me thing, i'd give so much to feel that way again.

[0507] my kuromi makes me happy.

[0544] are journals a sign of lonliness? having someone to share every thought with has been preventing me from journaling, in the sense of the thoughts simply being duplicated from my conversations with them to my journal. i also fear it would encourage me to withdraw from the very few social interactions i care to perform every day. but on the other hand, conversations are subjective to the individuals they're shared with, and documenting thoughts without the influence of anyone else. just pure, raw kemuri, sounds really fucking useful.

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